Organizer Tutorial

Learn how AutoComp works for an organizer.

1. Signup for AutoComp

This is where everything starts! Make an account to keep track of your contests, add rounds, and grade competitors.

Image of competitor dashboard

2. Create a Contest

Visit our contests page and create a contest.

Image of competitor dashboard

3. Add rounds to your contest

A contest is made of rounds of short answer questions of varying difficulty, length, or topics.

Image of competitor dashboard

4. Add questions to each round using our Latex editor.

Clicking the start button on your dashboard to begin the test. Make sure to save your progress periodically and check the bottom for problem clarifications.

Image of competitor dashboard

5. Run the contest and grade it!

Use our UI to send problem clarifications to participants in real time and grade the contest automatically after the contest. To send contestants the results, download the results as a csv.

Image of competitor dashboard